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Tension Springs
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The tension spring is wound by wires of various materials, and each ring is tightly wound, and both ends are formed into a hook shape for assembly, and are elongated when subjected to force. Generally speaking, it is mostly in the form of a circular section, and the shape of the end is varied depending on the application. Round hooks (English hooks), square hooks, semi-circular hooks (German hooks), U-shaped hooks, movable hooks, etc. The breadth of application is second only to the compression spring.

Application: Steam locomotive parts spring, sports equipment spring, lamp spring, curtain hardware, jewelry spring, pump spring

Production range: material diameter0.1mm (0.0039") ~ 8.0mm (0.315")

Conical tail without hook
Oblique hook
Double loop hook
Pull hook
German hook_ellipse hook
German hook
Special hook (2)
Duckbill hook
Special hook (1)
Square hook
Triangular hook
Rotating activity hook_ before stretching
Rotating activity hook _ after stretching
Unequal diameter & round hook tightly 2 turns
Side hook
Zero initial tension tension spring
German hook_ellipse hook
Pull hook with removable screw