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Torsion Springs Wire Hose Clamp
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The torsion spring is a spring that receives the axial pulling force, and is mostly presented in a circular cross section, and the end has a spiral arm that bears the load as a fulcrum or a force point. It is commonly used in various fixtures such as shafts or knobs, door locks, and hair clips for household appliances to rotate to withstand torque.

Applications: lock springs, door latch springs, switch springs, steam locomotive parts springs, transmission springs, bearing springs, lamp springs, antenna springs, tube bundle rings, piston rings 

Production range: material diameter0.1mm (0.0039”) ~ 6.0mm (0.236”)

Double torsion spring 1
Double torsion spring 2
Double torsion spring 3
Double torsion spring 4
Xenon lamp spring 1
Xenon lamp spring 2
Square wire torsion spring 1
Flat wire torsion spring
Single torsion spring 2
Single torsion spring 1
Square wire torsion spring _ straight end
Wire bundle 1
Wire bundle 2
Double line bundle (front)
Double line bundle (side)
Double torsion spring 5
Double torsion spring 6


Small torsion spring


Torque spring engineering diagram

Wire harness tube engineering schematic
Swivel end face type