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Wire Forms
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Metal parts that are bent and formed according to work requirements and mechanism constraints of various wires are collectively referred to as bent parts. Bending parts do not have a certain style, and the appearance change is high. They are often used as appearance accessories, various types of plugs, antennas, wire tube bundles, metal buckles, electronic product brackets, bearings, etc., and are widely used.
Application: antenna spring, handlebar spring, heat-dissipating aluminum extrusion spring, lamp spring, buckle, hook, clamp, balance bar, curtain jewelry hardware

Production range: material diameter0.1mm (0.0039") ~ 6.0mm (0.236")

R type pin 1
R type pin 2
R type pin 3
R type pin 4
Stainless steel clamp
Titanium alloy bracket
Buckle 1
Buckle 2
Buckle 3
Buckle 4
Buckle 5
Buckle 6
Wire fastener
Buckle 7
Buckle 8
S hook 1


R type bolt project schematic