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The compression spring is wound with wires of various materials, the ends are flat, and there is a certain gap between the ring and the ring, which is mostly represented by a circular cross section. When subjected to an external load, the spring shrinks and deforms, and the deformation energy can be stored. The compression spring has the widest use, the simple shape and the highest variability in the spring, making it the most widely used of all spring types.
Applications: push button springs, hydraulic springs, valve springs, valve springs, oil seal springs, battery springs
Production range: material diameter(0.08mm (0.0031”) ~ 10.0mm (0.393”)

Antenna spring 
(phosphorus copper)

Square spring

Closed circle


Tower type _ one end opening

Battery type (negative)

Battery type (positive)


Olive type

Ring type

Unequal pitch&Unequal diameter compression spring


End type

End face closure is not smooth

End closure

End opening is not smooth