Pass IATF16949:2016 Certification

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The main function of the spring tip, washer and wheel retaining ring is to buckle the shaft or the inner part of the hole to avoid axial movement and prevent loosening. Huazhi provides various types of hardware fasteners according to national standards such as American AISI, Japanese JIS, German DIN, etc., such as spring pin, shaft buckle, hole ring for use, wave spring washer (Hua Si), disc washer, Internal and external tooth type washer, R type pin, split pin, etc.

Wheel retaining ring specification sheet (according to Japanese industrial specifications

Off-the-shelf, the whole station arrives within 48 hours, special specifications welcome customers to open the mold

Radial assembly


S-type shaft buckle


IS type shaft retaining ring


R-type hole retaining ring


IR type hole retaining ring

Axial assembly


E-ring buckle


CT type shaft buckle

Material: spring steelSAE1050~SAE1090、stainless steel(SUS304、SUS420)
Surface treatment: black, phosphate, nickel plating, galvanizing
Packing: strip, plastic bag in bulk
Note: The inventory quantity of each item fluctuates with the market demand. It is recommended to ask in advance before ordering.

Wheel buckle assembly instructions

Radial assembly

Axial assembly

Strip packaging


Folder circle

File card circle (closed)

File card circle (open)


Custom-made Rings

Custom-made Circlip (Shaft)

Custom-made Retaining Ring(2)

Custom-made Retaining Ring(3)

Custom-made Retaining Ring(4)

Custom-made Retaining Ring(5)

Custom-made Retaining Ring(6)

Custom-made Retaining Ring(7)

Plain Wire Ring


Plain Wire Ring


Rectangular Wire Ring(1)_for bearing

Rectangular Wire Ring(2)_for bearing

Rectangular Wire Ring(3)_for bearing

Polygon Ring


Spiral Retaining Rings

Constant Section Ring(Internal)

Spiral Retaining Rings (Housing)


Spiral Retaining Rings (Housing)

Spiral Retaining Rings (Shaft)