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A spring wound into a vortex shape with various strip materials is called a vortex spring, which is also called a spring. When the external force causes the spring to be tightened, the energy is stored; when working, the deformation energy is gradually released, and the driving mechanism operates to perform work. The vortex spring does not touch between the ring and the ring in the free state. Generally, the angle of use is no more than one turn (360°); the power spring is slightly different, except for the rotation of the spring and the part connected to the axis of the casing, the free state The lower ring and the ring are in close contact with each other and are installed in various types of outer casings or containers, and the angle of use can be more than one turn.

Application: Engine starter spring, motor carbon brush spring, toy spring, clock, car seat belt spring, home appliance wire box, etc.
Production range: material diameter0.1mm (0.0039") ~ 1.0mm (0.039")
          width3.0mm (0.118") ~ 20mm (0.780")

Vortex spring 1

Vortex spring 2

Vortex spring 3

Vortex spring 4

Vortex spring 5

Vortex spring 6

Vortex spring _ motor carbon brush spring 1

Vortex spring _ motor carbon brush spring 2

Vortex spring _ motor carbon brush spring 3


Power spring

Power spring _ wire box

Power spring _ buckle fixing