Pass IATF16949:2016 Certification

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The elastic piece (spring piece) is made of a thin metal plate or a steel strip, and the elastic force is generated by the bending deformation of the plate piece, and can be used as a card to prevent falling off, switch switching, fixed clamping, and appearance decoration. Due to the small space required for use, easy stamping and arbitrarily changing shape according to the application, it is suitable for products with high complexity and high demand.

Application: Back cover, battery machine contact shrapnel, gasket, fixture and other metal products
Production range: material thickness0.1mm (0.0039") ~ 1.0mm (0.039") 
          width3.0mm (0.118") ~ 50mm (1.97")

Stamping process shrapnel

Stamping hardware shrapnel 1

Stamping hardware shrapnel 2

Stamping hardware shrapnel 3

Stamping hardware shrapnel 4

Stamping hardware shrapnel 5

Stamping hardware shrapnel 6

Stamping hardware shrapnel 7

Stamping hardware shrapnel 8

Stamping hardware shrapnel 9

Stamping hardware shrapnel 10

Stamping hardware shrapnel 11


Bending process shrapnel

Shrapnel 1

Shrapnel 2

Shrapnel 3

Shrapnel 4

Shrapnel 5

Shrapnel 6

Shrapnel 7

Shrapnel 8

Shrapnel 9